Silent hill: Homecoming 2008

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Silent hill: Homecoming 2008

Postaj  blitz999 on čet stu 13, 2008 12:19 am

Hi guys, I’m Tanshaydar
I had a very complicated dilemma either to share this or not. But finally, I decided to share, because I believe, true Silent Hill fans would purchase if they could; and I believe that they’ll purchase when it’ll be available for their regions.
I just want to believe it, because I think I’m the first betrayer of Homecoming. So, I get very flurried, and I messed up something. Do not worry, I’ll explain everything slowly.

-Firstly, game doesn’t have any protection as Steam or CD key. This means, you can play immediately after you download.
-Game files’ size is 8.16 GB. But when I compress it, it became 4.77 GB. So, you have 50 parts to download.
-Game has five language support: English, French(Français), Spanish(Español), German(Deutsch), Italian(Italiano).
-I just messed up with that language files, so I give you language files separately to download.
Here you’re:

* English
* French(Français)
* Spanish(Español)
* German(Deutsch)
* Italian(Italiano)

So, what you should do is, just to replace string folder with this string folder [\silent hill homecoming\Engine\gameinfo\strings]
-Then you can start with [silent hill homecoming\Bin\SilentHill.exe]. If you want, you can make a shortcut of this file to desktop.
-Here, there is something I messed up, too. Compression passwords. First one is to make them one SilentHillHomecoming compressed zip file. Second password is
-I don’t know why I put this muck passwords, maybe I just messed up my brain. Sorry for this.
-Second compressed file has real game files, so you should be careful about where to extract.
-I’m sorry about that too much talking, but I just messed up everything, and I ask you to forgive me about all things that I messed up.

… and Silent Hill, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

-Last thing, you must install latest DirectX version.

That’s all, I hope you’ll enjoy and purchase original game as soon as possible. And one more thing, I cannot upload to torrent, I live in a campus, and my connection admins don’t allow us to use torrents.

Have fun Very Happy

Parts 200MB:


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